James Rivenburg
Founder, Author & Gardener

Hey there, this is James, and today I’m here to give you guys a little backstory of plantandpest.com. If you’ve always enjoyed going through my content, well, tune in to find out how it all started.

About three years ago, I was working as a full-time telemarketer for a high-end company. The hours were tough, to say the least, and I can’t say I enjoyed my time there either.

As a kid, I was always a devoted flora and fauna enthusiast. In fact, I remember a pre-school me crying her heart out when she found her dad cutting down an old oak tree in the back garden.

I was convinced that the oak tree was my one true best friend in life. (Yes, I was a very weird kiddo.)

During the Covid period, I moved back to the rural areas since we all had to work from home. Having nothing else to do during the lockdown, I started attending to the deserted garden in the back. And guess what?

I ended up rediscovering my love and passion for gardening.

So, I decided to do a case study on the deserted garden. Created a personal blog to document my journey, read up on all the gardening essentials, and slowly started to implement different ideas to see how they’d take effect.

In about six months or so, the garden was thriving so much so that it was practically unimaginable. I started to experiment further and even if I failed at times, I still learned valuable lessons as to what not to do with different plants.

Plantandpest.com is practically a compilation of all those crazy months of gardening trials and errors. But would you like to know what was even crazier?

People seemed to actually somewhat like my advice (and to laugh at my botched attempts to trigger self-pollination). Eventually, I decided to explore the garden niche full-time and even left my boring day job to pursue this ‘hobby’.

Thankfully, you guys didn’t disappoint. The community is bigger than ever before and I’m super glad I chose passion over social expectations at such a crucial point in my life.

Email- james@plantandpest.com


What Sets plantandpest.com Apart In Terms of Content?

Well, I do have my suspicions that half of you guys are simply here for the extremely bad garden puns. (Wouldn’t you agree, mhm?) But jokes apart, I’d like to think of plantandpest.com as a holy grail for beginner gardeners and horticulturalists.

You’ll find detailed guides on soil nutrition, seasonal changes, pollination-promoting factors, soil-wise vegetation, side-effects of artificial fertilization, and many more topics.

In the past few years, I’ve researched hundreds of native flowers, fruits, and veggies. And in this blog, you’ll get to read all about how I nurtured and eventually became a local market supplier for fresh and organic veggies and fruits.

So, stick around if you’re new to the community! Remember that I’m always around to answer your garden-related queries.

I believe the world becomes a better place every time someone discovers their love for gardening, and so, it’d be my pleasure to assist you in this fulfilling journey of yours.

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