Clematis Or Honeysuckle: Best Vines For Your Garden

Clematis and honeysuckles both are attractive vines to cover your garden fence, ground, or wall. Also, honeysuckle and clematis are the first climber vines. So, if you are wanting to decorate your garden with vines, you have chosen the right options.

Now, you must be thinking about which one you should plant. Honeysuckle or clematis?

Clematis is well known for its variation. It has 300 varieties. Whereas, honeysuckle has 200. Planting clematis will get you more flowers in your garden. Honeysuckle’s specialty is its fragrance. If you want hummingbirds to come into the garden the smell of honeysuckle will attract them.

Well, now we need to compare their features to pick one. Let’s dig in.

Honeysuckle Vs Clematis: Which One to Plant

For vining or covering your garden ground both clematis and honeysuckle are perfect. But there are some special features you need to know.

Here is a table for you. It will provide you with a quick comparison between clematis and honeysuckle.

Varieties More than 300 different species.Almost 200 different varieties.
Good place for growingSunny location; the soil needs to be cool and well-drained.The sunny location is good but can grow in shade also. Moistness and well drainage in the soil is needed.
Best time to plantEarly spring to mid-autumn Can be planted in any season but best to plant in late winter, spring or autumn.
Blooming timeEarly summer to late springSpring and summer
Common problemsClematis wilt, honey fungus, powdery mildewGet affected by aphids and mites.

After knowing these differences briefly, it will be easier to choose between clematis and honeysuckle. Let’s know.

A Brief Discussion Between Clematis and Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle Vs Clematis

Here we will discuss the differences between clematis and honeysuckle specifically in detail. 


Both clematis and honeysuckles have many different species. But clematis has more than honeysuckles.


Clematis is great for its variety. It is available in many colors and flowering forms.

Also, better care of it can make the flowers bloom more. Who doesn’t want a flowery fence or ground?

Clematis has more than 300 different species. Clematis’ special feature is its variation.

Large or small flowers, evergreen or herbaceous groups, Montana groups, and so on. Clematis can offer you many options to choose from.

Like if you want a large flower on your fence then ‘Clematis early large and late large’ is suitable for your garden. Whereas clematis atrazine group offers you a small flower if you prefer.


Honeysuckle has almost 200 different species. But all the species are not suitable for gardening.

L.periclymenum is the common honeysuckle known to the gardener. Another name for it is woodbine.

Also, you will find many more like trumpet honeysuckle, brown honeysuckle, gold flame honeysuckle, and many more.

Growing Needs

Proper sunlight, water, and fertilizers are mandatory for any plant to grow healthy. Let’s know the needs of clematis and honeysuckle.


Clematis needs proper care to grow and bloom flowers. Sometimes it is hard to maintain clematis with its growing process.

Watering and pruning must be routine. You need to prune clematis right after they finish flowering.

Clematis need sunny locations to grow. Also, the soil needs to be cool. The soil area should be well-drained. Without sunny locations, clematis can not bloom flowers. Also, their root zone should be in a shaded place.

Clematis grow fast if you care for them properly. A common question is “how fast the clematis armandii grow?”

It can grow from one foot to 20 in a year.


The soil for honeysuckle should be well in drainage. It is better if the soil is moist and cool.

A sunny location is better to bloom the most flowers. But honeysuckle plants can grow in shade also.

Fertilizer once a year is enough for honeysuckle. You need to water the plant once or twice a week.

Pruning the plants just after their flowering will help you get more flowers in the next season.

Here are a few suggestions for pruners for your honeysuckle and clematis-

These are the best pruners in the market.

Best Time To Plant

Planting in the proper environment and season will give you the best result in your gardening.


Early spring to mid-autumn is the best time for planting clematis.

At this time the soil remains moist and the weather remains warm. Which helps clematis to grow easily.


Honeysuckle can be planted in any season. But the best timing is late winter, spring, or autumn.

Blooming Time

Let’s know the seasons of blooming clematis and honeysuckle.


They bloom in early summer or late spring.

But they take two growing seasons to bloom the most.


Most varieties of honeysuckle will give flowers to your garden in the spring. But many varieties bloom in the summer too.

Common Problems

Powdery mildew on honeysuckle leaves

There are a few problems in both clematis and honeysuckle plants.


You may face some common problems with clematis like

  • Clematis wilt
  • Honey fungus
  • Yellowish leaves
  • Powdery mildew


Honeysuckle affected by aphids and mites can be a problem. Because of this problem, flowers bloom less and the leaves remain most in the plant. Also, Aphids can contaminate your other plants from honeysuckle.

Also, powdery mildew in leaves is a common problem in honeysuckle.

But the good news is that you can control these bugs and insects. And it is with insecticidal soap.

It is quite common to be affected by ants as the flower has nectar.

You need to be careful to choose the right honeysuckles. Many species of honeysuckle can be poisonous.

If you consider some facts and care well, you can get beautiful vine-like honeysuckle in your garden.

Final Verdict

Now you have gathered so much knowledge about clematis and honeysuckle.

Which one to prefer? If this is now a question then know your preferences. Fragrance or variation?

If the answer is fragrance then you can plant honeysuckle. Also, you will get hummingbirds coming into your garden. But you need to be careful about bugs and insects.

If you want variety and insect-free vine then clematis will be perfect.

Also, you can vine them together. You don’t have to make a choice. All you need to care if you vine the clematis and honeysuckle together.


Can I Grow Honeysuckle With Clematis?

Yes, you can. Intermingling honeysuckle with clematis looks mesmerizing together.

What Can I Plant With Honeysuckle?

Honeysuckle goes the best with clematis and rose. Also with sweet rockets, honeysuckle can be combined.

Which Should I Choose Between Honeysuckle Or Wisteria?

Honeysuckle is mostly known for its sweet fragrances. Whereas Wisteria is special for both its variety and fragrances. So if you want both fragrance and versatility in one, choose wisteria.

Wrapping Up

Now, it’s time to make the decision. Honeysuckle or Clematis?

You know the options now. For fragrance, choose honeysuckle. Whereas Clematis will give you a variation of flowers. And the best option is dining together.

Best of luck with your gardening.

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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