What Is The Difference Between Miracid and Miracle Gro?

Miracle Gro and Miracid are such common names in the gardening world that often anyone can have some confusion between them. And some might wonder if they are the same thing or if they have some differences. 

In this article, I am going to explain what exactly makes them apart. So let’s start right away–

What Is Miracle-Gro?


Miracle-Gro is a garden product from Scott Miracle-Gro company based in the United States and from Ever Green Garden Care Limited based in the United Kingdom.

The company was started by Horace Hagedorn in 1950 but in 1995 the company merged with O. M. Scott for 200 million dollars in stock and the name changed to Scott Miracle-Gro Limited. Eventually, it became the world’s largest lawn and garden product company.

At present, the company has more than 50 different types of plant food including all-purpose fertilizers and plant foods specially made for flowers, fruits, houseplants, trees, and shrubs as well as chemicals for treating seeds and for rooting.

You see, the specialty of these products is, they instantly supply a boost of energy and feed the flowers and vegetables as well as other shrubs and house plants effectively resulting in more beautiful foliage, flowers, and appealing fruits and vegetables. 

Besides, the formulas are safe for the plant and when you use them according to the package instructions, they will not cause any harm or burn the surface of the foliage of your plants. 

What Is Miracid?


The thing is, Miracid is actually a product of Miracle-Gro company and it’s specially made food for acid-loving plants. 

Special Features of Miracid:-

  • It’s a water-soluble fertilizer so this is very easy to use.
  • It helps to bring vibrant colors and pretty blooms in acid-loving plants such as Camellia, Gardenia, Azalea, Hydrangea, Azalea, Holly, Oak, Pine, Laurel, Magnolia, and other orchids.
  • It contains the NPK ratio in 30-10-10
  • Miracid is very easy to apply as a very convenient measuring scoop is also included with the products.
  • After using it on the plants, the rest of the product can be stored in an airtight condition by resealing the bag. 
  • 1 pound of Miracle Gro water soluble MIracid can feed about 400  sq ft of garden area.
  • It’s safe for all of your acid-loving plants.

How To Use Miracid:-

  • Take a watering can and mix half a teaspoon (use the small end of the included scoop) of miracid with every gallon of water for your indoor plants. 
  • Take one and a half teaspoons (use the large end of the included scoop) and mix with a gallon of water for your outdoor plants. 
  • For best results, use Miracid for your acid-loving plants during their growing season every 7 to 14 days.

What Happens If You Accidentally Use Miracid?

Instead of using Miracle Gro if you have accidentally used Miracid on your plants other than the acid-loving ones, then it’s usually not going to be an issue unless you have used too much of it.

You see Miracid has a higher nitrogen and other micronutrient content but the regular Miracle Gro products do not usually have too many micronutrients in them. This means it can cause some toxicity symptoms in your regular plants if you use it in large amounts.

So, if you apply Miracid on your regular plants then it won’t really help them grow that much, rather your plant will mature very slowly, have weak stems, have yellow spots on leaves, and will drop off leaves prematurely. 

However, it won’t hurt your plant that severely if you use it once or twice by accident. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can I use Miracle-Gro Miracid Plant Food on fruit plants that I will harvest and eat the fruit from?

Since Miracid water-soluble fertilizers are designed for acid-loving plants like azaleas, hydrangeas and rhododendrons, it’s not recommended for you to use them on normal fruit plants or other edible plants. However, since citruses are acid-loving, you can use them on them. 

Should I apply the Miracle-Gro Miracid Plant food to the leaves of my azalea or to the soil?

You can apply it both on the leaves and on the soil. You can either pour it in the soil with a watering can or use a spray bottle to spray it on the leaves of your houseplants. 

Is Miracid dangerous if it comes in contact with skin or hands?

Normally when mixing it with water and making the concentration as per the package instructions, it should not have any harmful side effects if it comes in contact with the skin. However, if it’s mixed in high concentration then you should immediately wash your skin with plenty of water as it can cause some irritation. 


To maintain the plant’s health and to get big and beautiful flowers and vegetables from your plants, it’s important to feed them the right kind of food. Now that you know what is the difference between Miracle-Gro and MIracid, you can decide which one you would want to use on your plants.

Don’t forget to feed your plant their required water and sunlight and if they are acid-loving flowers, vegetables or houseplants, then give them a good dose of Miracid every two weeks and enjoy the results.

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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