Do Deer Eat Indian Hawthorn? – Find Out Here

Besides many other problems of Indian Hawthorne,  deer can be a major problem for it as they love to eat the tender leaves and flowers of the Indian Hawthorne plant. Many gardeners face difficulties in managing deer in their gardens as they don’t know if deer eat Indian Hawthorn or not 

As a result, deer may destroy their lovely plant corner and keep the plants devastated. As such risks are higher in the Indian Hawthorne plant, you should follow some steps carefully to save your plant.

Hence, here I have mentioned 5 simple ways to protect your Indian Hawthorne from deer. Follow them to apply in your garden to save it from being tormented.

Do Deer Eat Indian Hawthorn?

Yeah! Deers love to eat Indian Hawthorn plants due to their tender leaves and flowers. Deer are known to be opportunistic feeders, and they may eat a variety of plants depending on their availability and nutritional content.

Indian Hawthorn plants are palatable enough for the deer. Apart from that, they don’t create any phytochemicals that are deteriorating the deer. That’s why deer eat Indian Hawthorn.

How To Protect Indian Hawthorn from Deer? – 5 Ways to Save Your Plant

1. Physical Barriers

In the first stage, let me introduce the physical barriers that might keep your Hawthorne garden free from deer. It is the most effective way to keep deer away from your Indian Hawthorne. 

A simple deer fence can be made easily from wire mesh or plastic mesh and posts. Just put the stand and cover the area with wires that are available to you. Make sure the fence is at least 8 feet tall to prevent deer from jumping over it.

2. Repellents

Next, let’s talk about repellents. Repellents are the materials that keep something away from cherished ones. Deer repellent also continues the same work that is keeping your garden free from deer.

There are many commercial deer repellents available that can be sprayed on Indian Hawthorne to keep deer away. These repellents contain natural or synthetic compounds that have an unpleasant odor or taste to deer. 

When the deers get that bad smell or feel bitter from chewing the hawthorn leaves, they don’t like the smell and remain away from the garden. For this purpose, you can easily manage them at garden centers and hardware stores.

3. Choose Deer Resistant Varieties

The third one is a technical way to sort out this problem which is using resistant varieties. Some of the Indian Hawthorn varieties are deer-resistant. They have some internal mechanisms due to the fact that deers are not attracted to them.

Again, some varieties have physical terms to protect themselves from deer such as tough, leathery leaves and spiny branches. If you can manage such a variety to plant in your garden, it will save your plant from deer.

4. Plant Other Deer-resistant Plants

Along with the previous one, you can plant other deer-resistant shrubs around your Indian Hawthorne. This will also help to protect your plant. In this case, some good options include lavender, rosemary, and Russian sage. 

In the case of planting these shrubs, deer don’t like to enter the garden and thus your plant is also saved from them.

5. Use Motion Activated Sprinklers

Finally, I will give you some tips about motion-activated sprinklers. These are high-tech ways to keep deer away from your Indian Hawthorne. 

The sprinklers are triggered by motion and spray a burst of water to scare off deer. As a result, deer won’t bother your Indian Hawthorn plant. Though these sprinklers can be a little pricey, they will be very effective for you if you can manage them.


What parts of the Indian hawthorn plant do deer eat?

Deer may eat the leaves, flowers, and berries of Indian hawthorn plants. As these parts bear soft tissues, they are palatable enough for the plant and so deers eat them 

Will planting Indian hawthorn plants attract deer to my yard?

Planting Indian hawthorn plants may attract deer to your yard, especially if there are no other food sources available. Their appearance and softness attract the deer.

Are there any other plants that deer prefer over Indian hawthorn?

Yes, there are many plants that deer prefer over Indian hawthorn, including hostas, daylilies, and tulips. Deer also tend to avoid plants that have strong fragrances, prickly or thorny leaves, or fuzzy textures.

Final Thoughts

Well, let me conclude here about my experiences of deer eating Indian Hawthorn. I have mentioned the most common and easiest way to control deer from attacking your garden. Else, you may have better options to save your plant. You can apply them.

But, if you find these ways will be helpful for you, you are welcome to try them. Thus, you can save your Indian Hawthorne Plant from being attacked by deer.

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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