Why is Ficus Audrey Leaves Curling [4 Reasons & Solution]

Ficus Audrey is also called strangler fig or banyan tree too. Its oval-shaped green straight leaves are just as beautiful to look at and satisfying too.

However, when those beautiful leaves turn curly it is really a matter of concern.

What conditions make them curly?

Overexposure to the Sun, water imbalance, Lack of magnesium in the soil, and Insects attack are the main reasons for Ficus Audrey leaves curling.

It is true that in the beginning, everything seems difficult. However, following the rules below, you can revive your tree as before.

Then why the delay? Let us find out the causes and remedies.

Complete Solutions For Curly Ficus Audrey Leaves

Ficus Audrey Leaves Curling

1. Over Exposure To Sun

Sunlight is essential for the growth and survival of every plant. The plant receives this light in several ways. Direct process, indirect process, Partial process, Filtered process, and bright indirect process are some of them. Ficus Audrey has no need of direct sunlight.

Therefore, it absorbs sunlight through a bright indirect process. When you keep your ficus Audrey for a long time in direct sunlight then the direct heat of the sun makes its leaves curly.

So, what exactly is the sign of too much sunlight on your plants? Look at your plant’s color carefully. If it looks washed out and the leaves turn yellow or brown, take immediate action.

Control Measure

Ficus Audrey plants thrive in bright indirect sunlight or areas that do not receive low light or too much shade.

Keep your tree in a place where there is indirect sunlight. It may be a little farther from the south or west side window of your house.

You can also buy a plant shade cloth (Our pick: winemana 40% Black Shade Cloth). If that is not possible, then keep your plant in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours daily. However, protect your plant when temperatures exceed 85F.

Trim the brown-colored curly leaves.

Note: During winter and autumn, keep your ficus Audrey in direct sunlight for some extra time. It will be beneficial for your plant.

2. Water Imbalance

Water is essential for the survival of plants. However, it must be according to demand. Less watering or too much watering can cause, your ficus Audrey leaves curling.

Less water and too much water Inhibit the respiratory process of your plants. Which ultimately makes your ficus Audrey leaves curl.

Due to Lack of watering your plants show wilting, dry soil, dead leaf, and slow growth like symptoms. When you give excess water, your plant levels develop brown limp.

Control Measure

You must be aware of watering your plants. Watering your ficus Audrey once, a week during the spring and summer and in the winter seasons, once in two weeks.

You can do a test for knowing the water demand of your plants. Take one of your fingers two inches deep into the soil. If it’s wet then there is no need for water. You can also take a moisture meter to check the water demand level of the soil (Our pick: SONKIR Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester).

No need of watering during the rainy season if your ficus Audrey plant gets rainy water. In addition, you have to make sure you have enough drainage systems for your soil container.

3. Lack Of Magnesium In Soil

Magnesium is the central core of chlorophyll and important material for the photosynthesis process of plants. When your ficus Audrey plants don’t get enough magnesium from the soil then the photosynthesis process will fail. That results in no production of food in leaves, which makes leaves curly.

So what makes you sure about Mg deficiency on your ficus Audrey?

Chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves) will happen. Leaves also will turn into pale green between veins, with the normal colored areas next to the veins.

Control Measure

Epsom salt is the first and in short remedy for Mg deficiency in plants (Our pick: Epso Grow M Salt Plus Plant Nutrient) You have to mix 20g of Epsom salt with 1 liter of water. Spray it two or three times in the summer season.

You can also take long-term action. For that, you have to make compost.

#Recipe 1: Compost Making Recipe


  • A container.
  • Plants leaf.
  • Fruit peeling.
  • Kitchen scraps.
  • Newspapers.
  • Egg shells, etc.


  1. Choose a 4-11 lit capacity container.
  2. Make some small holes on it to circulate oxygen.
  3. Make a layer of soil on the container.
  4. Add all the organic scraps on it.
  5. Add some newspaper or cardboard for nitrogen-carbon balancing to create a good environment for bacteria.
  6. Keep the mixture for one week and notice the moisture level.
  7. After one week, use the compost on your plant’s soil.

4. Soil Gnat And Spider Mite

The most common pests to affect ficus Audrey leaves are soil gnats and spider mites. They are the big reason for the curly leaves of ficus Audrey. Soil gnats are very small flying insects. They can attack any season of the year. They lay eggs on the soil and stay beside your plants.

Spider mites are also very small insects and can’t be seen with the naked eye. They create brown branches on your curly ficus Audrey leaf. The reproduction rate of spider mites is very fast. Therefore, they are dangerous for your ficus Audrey plants. Moreover, a severe attack can kill entire plants.

Control Measure

Proper watering is the main defense against soil gnats. You can also keep some potato pieces on your pot soil, which prevents those gnats.

A good insecticide can prevent the attack of spider mites on your ficus Audrey plants. There are many types of pesticides available on the market (Our pick: Ortho Insect Mite & Disease)

Don’t you want to buy any artificial insecticide? Then don’t worry, I have some tips for you.

You can make your insecticide at home. Vegetable oil spray is one of them. By following the instructions below you can make your own insecticide.

# Recipe 1: Vegetable oil Recipe


  • 1 cup vegetable oil.
  • 1 spoon of soap.


  1. Mix the two ingredients.
  2. Shake them well.
  3. Then spray it on your plant.

Note: Sometimes it doesn’t work if the ratio of ingredients is not right. So be careful when you mix them.

How To Grow The Ficus Audrey?[Quick Guide]

Ficus Audrey Care

To grow the ficus Audrey like a pro, stick to the following steps-

  1. Keep your plants in a bright indirect sun lightened place.
  2. Make sure about proper watering.
  3. Trim your plants in winter to maintain size.
  4. Every two years repotting your Ficus Audrey plant.
  5. Keep the humidity level between 40-60 percent.
  6. Give light fertilizer during the growing season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ficus Audrey Poisonous?

Yes. They are toxic to humans. Ficus Audrey leaks a milk-like liquid, which can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

How Fast Does Ficus Audrey Grow?

Ficus Audrey generally grows in spring and summer. However, you have to ensure the optimum requirements.

Should I Mist My Ficus Audrey?

Humidity is important for growing ficus Audrey. If you are not from a tropical place, you have to ensure artificial humidity for your plant.


When you see your Ficus Audrey leaves become curly, you must try to understand what your plant is trying to tell you.

Taking regular care can protect your plant from the factors mentioned.

I hope this article will help to revive your Ficus Audrey. Happy gardening.

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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