Fiddle Leaf Fig Cold Damage – Found the Proper Solution

If you are from a low-temperature region, fiddle leaf fig cold damage may be a common problem for you. Besides, fiddle leaf figs may also face this problem in other areas during fall.

Frost damage is the occurrence of fiddle leaf fig plant death or wilting due to too low temperature. This plant cannot continue its life cycle at a temperature below 45°F. Moreover, if the plant temperature goes below 35°F, the plant dies due to cold shock

I also faced such a problem in my fiddle leaf fig the previous fall. Though they can survive in winter, their winter journey is not so pleasant. If you are also going through the same situation and need a solution for the fact, scroll down and match the symptoms with your plant along with the solution.

How to Identify Cold Damage in Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Fiddle leaf fig can be attacked with various types of problems. Among them, you have to be sure of the situation of the plant if it is occurring due to cold shock or any other problems. 

As different problems require different types of remedies, you need to identify the cold damage first before the application of the solution. I mentioned earlier that fiddle leaf fig faces cold damage while extremely low temperature is going on.

If you find your plant becoming pale and strengthless in winter, you can mark it as the primary symptom of freeze damage. In the severe case, the plant leaves start falling and apical stems along with the whole plant shrink.  

After a certain time, the plant becomes droopy and at the final stage of damage, the whole plant dies. The temperature below 35°F is responsible for the death of the fiddle leaf fig plant in most cases.

Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Revive From Cold Damage?

Yeah. Fiddle leaf fig can be revived from the cold damage but it will not be possible if your plant is already dead. So your plant’s condition will determine if it will revive or not. Let me explain it clearly. 

If your plant has just started to damage, it can be saved from dying. In this case, you have to pay attention to your plant properly. But after a certain time, you can hope for a vibrant plant again.

On the other hand, if your plant is already dead or very near to death, your all efforts will possibly go in vain to save the plant. The most you can do is to cut back all the vegetative parts of the plant which is called pruning and spare a small portion of the stem near the ground. It will not grow again surely, but you can have a little hope.

How to Save Fiddle Leaf Fig From Cold Damage

Now come to the point of how to save fiddle leaf from cold damage. You can relate this damaging process to your condition. If you are ill and you are forced to take more and more food, this may deteriorate your health and make you uncomfortable. 

In the same way, if you forcefully add more ingredients to your damaged plant, it will pressurize your plant and may become more damaged. That’s why let your plant revive in its way. To add some assistance, you have to just regulate the microclimate properly. 

Fiddle-leaf fig plants need a warm temperature of around 65-80°F. Try to maintain such a temperature and most importantly keep your plant away from cold areas. Additionally, water your plant once a week and maintain a humidity percentage of 60-70%.

Besides, keep the plant in bright sunlight. Else, you can provide some coco-peat and perlite to the soil to a low extent. You have to maintain the temperature and other microclimatic elements. Hopefully, the plant will revive slowly and become a vibrant plant after a certain time.

Protection Needed For Fiddle Leaf Fig Before Winter

“Prevention is better than cure”- this statement is always well-established in all aspects. In the case of fiddle leaf fig frost damage, the same situation can also be applicable. 

You will have to face a lot of barriers to revive your fiddle leaf fig from freeze damage. But if you provide a perfect schedule and protection for your plant before fall, your plant will get not face any damage issues and it will remain vibrant 

For this purpose, you can transfer your plant inside the house in a warm area. If the temperature of your area drops to an extreme range in the fall, try to manage enough warming sources for your plant. Provide enough water to your plant. 

Else, take intensive care of your plant so that pests and insects cannot affect the plant. If the insects create any wound to the plant, it will face threats to the plant in their survival mechanism in existing in adverse conditions. 

Also, keep them free from other types of mechanical damage. Thus, prepare your plant to fight against cold stress. Then take fruitful care of your plant during fall and in this way, you can save your plant from winter damage.

Quick Caring Guide For Fiddle Leaf Fig

SoilSandy loam soil has a slightly acidic pH
Sunlight Bright but indirect sunlight
Temperature They thrive in 65-80°F
Humidity 60-70% is optimum for this plant
Watering Once a week
ClimateA hot and humid climate 


Are fiddle leaf figs sensitive to extremely hot weather?

Yeah! Fiddle-leaf figs cannot grow better in extremely hot weather. The leaves become yellow and start drooping due to excessively high temperatures. In the same way as cold temperatures, excessively high temperatures also kill the plant in severe cases.

What is the best time for planting fiddle leaf fig?

Early spring is the best season for fiddle leaf fig planting. As they feel uncomfortable on winter days, they should be planted, propagated or transplanted after fall. Thus, they will be able to adapt to adverse situations. 

How much sunlight is needed for a fiddle leaf fig plant?

Bright sunlight is helpful for this plant. When this plant is exposed to bright light intensity, the plants can produce more food and become lively. Shady condition is problematic for them 

Final Thoughts

Finally, I have reached the last phase of this article. Though fiddle leaf fig cold damage is a severe problem in cold areas, you can keep your plant safe by conducting some caring procedures perfectly.

According to experiences from my plant problems, I can say that it is tough to revive a fiddle leaf fig from cold damage. Hence, the better solution, in this case, is to make your plant strong enough so that it can survive in hard times. 

I have mentioned some specific ways to save the fiddle leaf fig plant. You can pick those for your plant protection. But, the main factor remains in the perfect caring procedure and the weather condition where you are bringing up your plant.

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