Golden Moneywort vs Creeping Jenny: Which One to Choose?

Growing flowers is something that gardeners love doing. Whether indoors or outdoors, golden moneywort or creeping jennies are great. But these two are not the same growing or maintaining. Thus, you better choose which one to really take!

So, which one is better between golden moneywort vs creeping jenny?

The golden moneywort plants take shorter than the creeping jennies to grow. However, creeping jenny plants are more reasonable than golden moneywort plants. Both of these plants require kind of similar care and nutrients. But, the blooming time of creeping jenny is less than that of the golden moneywort.

This brief given so far is just the beginning. Carry on reading to get a lot of useful insights and info about these two.

So, get started now!

Golden Moneywort vs Creeping Jenny: A Quick Comparison

If you want to have a heads-up on the mains, a quick comparison is good. So, here you go.

FeaturesGolden MoneywortCreeping Jenny
Growth TimeAround 8 weeksAround 10 weeks
BudgetAbout $9About $6
Care And NutrientsSoil, Sunlight, and FertilizersSoil, Sunlight, and Fertilizers
Blooming TimeAbout 15 weeksAbout 12 weeks

This gives you a good heads-up.

Golden Moneywort vs Creeping Jenny: A Detailed Comparison

Golden Moneywort Vs Creeping Jenny

Once you get a quick comparison, you have a brief idea. Now, you can move on to the detailed part. Here you go.

Growth Time

The first thing you may look at is the growing time of the plants. Because the duration needed to grow these plants may not be within your range. So, here you go.

Golden Moneywort

To grow these golden moneywort plants, you do not need that much time. To be precise, the time for growing these would be around 8 weeks.

But do not forget that the time taken for this could increase. The maximum time it may take is about 10 weeks. But it does not generally go higher than that.

Thus, you can say if you go properly, the time would be about 8 weeks. 

Creeping Jenny

On the other hand, the time to grow creeping jenny would be a bit more. In general, the time taken to grow these plants is about 10 weeks.

And it can go up to around 12 weeks to grow. As a result, it takes a bit more time. But this does not actually seem like a lot more time.

Because once you get started, you understand this is not a lengthy duration. By this we mean 12 weeks is not a long time to grow these plants.

Winner: If you think about the growing time, golden moneywort comes over creeping jenny. Because these plants take lesser time to grow than creeping jenny.

Budget to Grow And Maintain

Once you know the growth duration, you must look at the budget needed for it. So, here it is.

Golden Moneywort

To grow these plants, the budget for a single plant would be around $9. So, let us have a quick calculation with simple equations.

Say, you want to grow 50 golden moneyworts at your house or indoors. In that case, you need to set a budget of around $450.

That is $9 or $10 per head for plants. However, you also need to spend for the maintenance of these plants.

But this would not cost as much as the initial investment. You basically water the plants. In addition, you may need to provide the plants with few nutrients.

For this, the cost might be around $15 a month. But remember that this can increase or decrease depending on the number of plants.

Creeping Jenny

In contrast to that, creeping jenny needs a lower budget to grow. These plants need a budget of like $6 per head.

So, if you want to grow 50 plants then you need to invest about $300. In that case, the budget is pretty much reasonable actually.

In addition to that, the maintenance cost for these plants is not that much either. You just water the plants as usual.

And along with that, you may need to spend around $10 for nutrients. So, growing and maintaining creeping jennies are quite reasonable you can say.

Winner: In terms of budget, creeping jenny plants win. Because these are more reasonable to grow than the golden moneywort plants.

Required Care And Nutrients

You can not grow plants without proper care and nutrients. So, here you go with these.

Golden Moneywort

A golden moneywort plant can grow in wet or dry soil. These plants do not generally have a type of soil. That means it is easy for you to manage the soil for these plants.

Besides, these plants require sunlight for about 5 hours a day. You may provide these plants with more sunlight if you want. But that is not a must in general.

Do not forget that these plants need fertilizers. You need to provide these with 10-10-10 fertilizers.

Creeping Jenny

Creeping jenny has similar requirements too. So, what nutrients do creeping jennies need?

Just like the golden moneywort, creeping jenny also needs sunlight, soil, and fertilizers. However, there is a bit of variance in this.

The soil needed for these plants has to be moist. It is better not to have very wet soil for these plants.

In case of sunlight, these plants require at least 8 hours of it. You know it is actually better to provide these with as much sunlight as possible.

And in terms of fertilizers, it is the same as that of golden moneywort. You need to provide these plants with 10-10-10 fertilizers.

Winner: When it comes to caring and nutrients, golden moneyworts come over creeping jenny. Because these plants are easier to provide these with.

Blooming Time

blooming time for creeping jenny

Blooming time is something that you wait for. Here you go with this segment.

Golden Moneywort

The golden moneywort plants can take up to a couple of weeks to bloom. It can take around 15 weeks to start blooming.

And then it would just spread out a mild smell all around.

Creeping Jenny

On the other hand, creeping jennies take less time to bloom. These plants take about 12 weeks to start blooming.

These plants would also spread out a mild smell when start blooming.

Winner: In terms of blooming time, creeping jenny wins. Because these start blooming more quickly than the golden moneywort.

Which One Do I Choose Now?

You may still be confused about making up your find for the final decision. So, here is the final evaluation for you.

If you think you emphasize the growing duration more, golden moneyworts would be better. In addition, it is easier to treat these plants with nutrients too.

However, creeping jenny would be better for the budget of growing plants. And these take lesser than the golden moneywort to grow actually.


Are creeping jenny known as golden moneywort too?

Yes, some people do call creeping jenny moneywort too. However, these two are not exactly the same. Just because these two have similarities does not mean that they are the same. These two plants can have differences in their color shade too. In addition, they have other distinct too.

Can I grow the existing moneywort plant again after cutting it down?

Yes, you can grow the existing moneywort plant again after cutting it down. But it actually depends where you cut the plant. If you make sure the plant roots are floating then this would continue growing. But if you cut from the stem or uproot it then it would stop growing.

Can I grow moneywort plants in the outdoor soil?

Yes, you can grow moneywort plants in the outdoor soil if you want. You can basically grow these plants anywhere you like. Unless there is the presence of water that is rich in its nutrients. However, these plants are generally grown and maintained indoors. That is why it is rare outdoor.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose between golden moneywort vs creeping jenny! You must not have any more confusion regarding this.

Remember a simple thing while comparing two things. That is, do not just rely on the quick comparison of things. If you have time, go through the details. This can give you many insights!

All the best!

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