Top 10 Indian Hawthorn Varieties for a Beautiful Landscape

There are several types of Indian Hawthorn, found worldwide. Each of them has unique features and characteristics and a way of expressing its beauty. As a hawthorn lover, I have several Indian Hawthorn varieties in my collection. 

Several times, my friends or neighbors ask me about their specialties and I love to explain them. Following that, I want to share some of the varieties of Indian Hawthorn that I managed to keep in my garden. Hence, scroll below to get ideas about some of the most popular varieties of Indian Hawthorn.

10 Popular Varieties of Indian Hawthorn

1. Apple Blossom

At the very beginning, let me add the “Apple Blossom” variety to the list of Indian Hawthorn varieties. This variety can grow almost 1.5 m in its whole lifespan. Again, it differs from others due to its flower shape and other appearances. 

The dark green foliage looks glittering due to its glossy appearance. Also, the star-shaped flowers add perfection to this foliage. At the same time, the pinkish tint of the flowers creates a soothing combination with the foliage.

2. Little Bliss

Next, the variety that I will discuss is “Little Bliss”.  This includes profuse and bushy dark green foliage that takes a compact form. The flowers are white-colored like elegant beauties. On the other hand, blueberries also make the plant attractive. 

As the ” little bliss ” is a bushy variety, it is much compacted and this structure increases the beauty of the plant. Thus, it is one of the perfect varieties for your garden or shrubbery phase.

3. Oriental Pearl

Are you searching for a slow-growing Indian Hawthorn variety for your table corner? If so, oriental pearls can be one of your best choices. Additionally, you can get one more benefit from this variety and that is long-term blooming. 

Oriental pearls get a maximum height of 1 m when they mature. They produce white flowers that look like pearls inside the dark green foliage. That’s why they are compared to pearls. 

They start blooming immediately after winter and bloom till late spring. Thus, you can enjoy an extended blooming period in your plant.

4. Georgia Petite

At this point, I will introduce the shortest Indian Hawthorn variety and that is “Georgia Petite” or “Dwarf Indian Hawthorn”. It can flourish your landscape or your small garden with its beautiful white blooming.

Besides, the grayish-dark foliage will add extra charm to your plant. Not only that, the pink buds bearing popcorn-like white flowers create a colorful vibration in the garden. And, this vibrant look gets completed with the bluish tint of berries. 

As this variety is the smallest one, you can adjust it to any part of your garden or your room. The white blooming will create a peaceful and refreshing environment in your room.

5. Pink Lady

Formerly, let’s get some ideas about the “Pink Lady” variety of Indian Hawthorn. The specialty of this variety is it will create a wavy color flow in your garden. Let me explain properly. The mature plant height of this is almost 4-6 feet.

But the most attractive portion is the foliage. The young leaves of this plant grow a bronze-colored appearance. After a certain time, the leaves get matured and take a dark green form. Again, the pinkish flowers will be a great choice for your garden.

Most importantly, the berries formed in this shrub are blue. As a result, in the reproduction stage, you can enjoy several types of colors at a perfect merge. Hence, you can think of a “pink lady” for your garden.

6. Ballerina

Here, comes the variety ‘Ballerina’ that produces a different flower that differentiates from others in its color. While the other varieties produce pink or white flowers, the ballerina produces rose-pink color.

The blooming period is also longer than the other varieties. It blooms from late winter to the start of spring. Sometimes flowers can be found in midwinter too. The green foliage and the queen-like flowers create a great combination. 

7. Little Pinkie

The variety “little pinkie” is also adorable as its name. A huge amount of dark pink flowers keep the plant charming the whole winter. It can grow 2-3 feet and so it is known as a dwarf variety.

The dark green foliage and its compact structure make the plant aristocratic. The main attraction of this variety is their supreme pink small flowers that are found covering the whole plant.

8. Snow White

Well, this is the time to introduce a different variety. This plant is different from others due to its foliage color which changes from season to season. They grow almost 36 inches in their whole life span. The leaf color changes meanwhile.

The leaves are mainly reddish orange and look bright and shiny in the fall. But, in winter, it becomes deep maroon. Such changes in foliage color make your ornamental garden vibrant even in winter when the flower is absent. 

Besides, it also produces a lot of white flowers during the whole spring. Thus, the combination of white bloom and reddish foliage makes it a perfect one for the garden.

9. Clara

The Indian Hawthorn variety ‘Clara’ also produces reddish-orange foliage like the snow white variety. Here, you will find white-colored flowers produced in clusters. Whatever, this variety may be rare for some regions.

10. Majestic Beauty

Finally, I am going to end with a well-known and special variety and that is “Majestic Beauty”. This is considered the largest variety of Indian Hawthorn. The charming variety can keep your mind calm with the beautiful pink flowers.

The flowers are arranged in dark foliage that will enchant your mind and will double the beauty of your garden. Besides, it can work as a shade tree for your garden. 

Quick Caring Guides for Indian Hawthorn Plants

Soil typeSandy loam soil has a slightly acidic pH
Watering Water the plant when the soil is dry
Sunlight Full sun to partial shade
Temperature The temperature range is 10°F to 115°F
Humidity Around 60% 
PruningPruning is needed if you want to provide an aesthetic shape or if they are disease-affected.
Fertilizer Apply dilute fertilizer in Spring 
Pest attack Use pesticide or homemade recipes to remove pests


Are Indian Hawthorn varieties easy to care for?

Yeah! They are easy to care for due to their nature. As they possess drought-resistant quality and can withstand adverse conditions, you can maintain them easily on your busy days.

How do I care for Indian Hawthorn?

Indian Hawthorn is easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance. It prefers well-drained soil and partial to full sunlight. Water regularly, especially during dry spells. Prune lightly in the spring to promote bushy growth and remove any dead or diseased branches.

How to manage Indian Hawthorn Varieties?

You can find Indian Hawthorn varieties in your local nurseries. As they are now becoming popular, many nurserymen keep them. But if you don’t get them in your locality, you can also order them on different online platforms.

Which is the best time for the blooming of the Indian Hawthorn variety?

Spring is the best season for Indian Hawthorn blooming. After the cool weather, the plant starts to flourish and its reproduction stage starts. You can enjoy the blooming for almost the full spring.

Is Indian Hawthorn deer-resistant?

Indian Hawthorn is generally deer-resistant, but it may still be susceptible to browsing in areas with high deer populations.

How fast does Indian Hawthorn grow?

Indian Hawthorn grows slowly, typically reaching its full size within 3-5 years.

Final Words

So, these are the most common and popular Indian Hawthorn varieties. Still, research is going on and researchers are bringing new hawthorn varieties. Hopefully, we will get more beautiful varieties with time.

But, while choosing a variety, it’s essential to consider factors such as size, growth rate, and flower color, as well as the specific growing conditions in your area. Thus, you can maintain a beautiful garden decorated with Indian Hawthorn.

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