Morning Glory Leaves Drooping: Reasons and Treatment

Someone once told me that morning glory plants can make my morning glorious. Funny, right? But it’s really true that morning glory flowers can make your every moment fantastic. Not only that, by waking up every morning and sleeping in the evening morning glory resembles human life.

They are also popular for their easy-growing nature. But due to proper caring sometimes your morning glory plants can be floppy and I know how pathetic it is for a gardener.

But don’t be upset. In this article, I am going to help you to find the reason for your morning glory leaves drooping and from my experience, I will also share the total treatment guide. So why the delay? 

First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons why the leaves of your morning glory may droop.

There are two types of reasons: major and minor. The major reasons are Insufficient water, Lack of sunlight, Disease, and insect attack. Dust soil and Cool temperature are also partially responsible for morning glory leave drooping.

Some Basic Information About Morning Glory

Common nameMorning glory
Family Convolvulaceae 
Botanical nameIpomoea tricolor, I. Purpurea
Plant typeAnnual
Soil Moist but well-draining
Temperature Moderate 
Bloom timeSummer, fall
Flower colorBlue, white, pink, purple.

Why Does Morning Glory Leave Drooping?

Drooping Morning Glory Leaves

1. Insufficient Water

Although water is very important for each plant, its amount varies from plant to plant. Morning glory plants prefer moderate watering.

Less watering is a major reason for morning glory leaves drooping. If your plant suffers from lack of adequate water then it must show you some signs.

Notice your morning glory plants very carefully. Dry leaves, wilting and drooping leaves are the common sign of insufficient water.

Control Measure

Water your plant every seven days. I suggest you at least 1 inch depth watering. But as morning glory only needs water when the soil dries, you should check the soil after watering.

Want to know some tricks for soil checking? Take a 5-10 cm long stick. Enter it into your pot soil while watering. If it shows 2 cm depth soil dry then immediately water your plants.

In dry seasons you may increase watering to 2-3 times every seven days. Reduce watering in the rainy seasons.

2. Lack Of Sunlight

Morning glory plants require bright, full sunlight for at least 6-8 hours every day. Want to see your morning glory plant with proper growth and full blooming? Then there is no alternative to sunlight.

Due to proper sunlight, morning glory plants will turn floppy and droop. 

However, the fear is that the symptoms of less sunlight appear a little late. So you have to be very careful about the sign. 

Control Measure

Every day 6-8 hours of full sunlight must be ensured. Keep your plant in a well-lighted place. It may be beside a south-facing window or balconies.

If you have no such place. Then you can try an artificial light (our pick: EZORKAS Grow Light). It will meet the sunlight needs of your plants.

3. Diseases

Rust diseases and canker disease are the most common reasons for morning glory leaves drooping.

Rust disease is the cause of fungal attacks. Overwatering, dusted soil, and some other conditions occur fungal attacks.

With rust diseases, your morning glory plants have some symptoms. Look at your plant very carefully. If you found some power like substance on the backside of the leaf and the leaves drooping then it must be a sign of rust.

Another dangerous disease for your morning glory plant is canker disease. It occurs for fungal attacks. It will cause stem bending, floppy leaves, and brown leaves like problems.

If it remains untreated it can attack the whole plant and cause drooping problems.

Control Measure

Stop overwatering and maintain the optimum temperature for your plant. Do not create an environment that will act as a catalyst for fungus.

You can also use an antifungal liquid spray (our pick: Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide). Maybe you are not interested in using artificial spray. No problem. You can also make this at your own house.

Here I’m sharing an effective homemade antifungal spray recipe.

#Recipe-1 Baking soda spray making

Ingredients Process 
  • Baking soda. 
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Washing soap.
  • Water. 
  • Vinegar. 
  • Neem oil.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with some vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of dish soap.
  • Then mix them with 1 litre of water.
  • Shake the mixture for at least 15 minutes.
  • Then add a small amount of vinegar and neem oil on it.
  • Spray the mixture once a week.

Treatment for canker disease is quite tough. Once it begins you have a very low percentage of chance to revive your plant. Again there’s also no chemical treatment. But a copper-containing spray may work. Pruning is also a temporary solution.

Prevention must be taken for canker disease. Always keep your morning glory plants healthy. And try to grow resistant varieties of your plants to prevent canker disease.

4. Pests Attack

cotton aphids on morning glory

Two types of pests can attack your morning glory leaves. All of them are sucking insects. They are cotton aphids and spider mites.

Cotton aphids are very Early risers. They attack the plant Early in the morning. And you hardly see them with your naked eye. Notice your plant in the morning you may see the movement of something on the backside of the plant’s leaf. They make your morning glory plant leaves droopy.

Spider mites are very common insects for plants. They have sharp mouths and with this, they suck the sap of your plants. It’s difficult to identify spider mites. That is why they become dangerous for your plants and may cause severe damage.

Stem and leaf cutting occurs with the insect named leaf cutter. They attack morning glory at night time. Through their drill-like mouth, they can eat a whole leaf. So you should be careful of them. If it remains untreated, it must cause your plants to droop.

Control Measure

Seems like pests will never let you sleep day and night. Right? Don’t be upset. I have the total guide to treat these problems.

Syringing is the best way to treat cotton aphids and spider mites. 

Think about our bodies. To cool us, it releases some water by sweating. Syringing is also a way to cool your plants. You water your plant’s leaves and stem but it will not reach the soil.

Using a good insecticide can destroy leaf cutters. You can buy these from the market (Our pick: Garden Safe Brand Insecticidal Soap)

If you don’t want to, then there’s also another way to make insecticide by yourself. Follow the process described below.

#Recipe-1 Making Dormant Oil Insecticide

  • 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap.
  • 200 ml of sunflower oil.
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil.
  • Mix all the ingredients and keep it in a medium-sized glass jar.
  • Shake the mixture carefully.
  • Add 4 spoons of the prepared liquid with every 500 ml water.
  • Apply it 2-3 times in a week.

Observe all the reasons and symptoms. If none of the above are matched with your plants then it surely occurs for minor reasons.

5. Dust Soil

Soil condition is very important for morning glory pants. A poor quality soil can make your plant die.

Soil condition is directly not involved with morning glory leaves drooping but indirectly it plays a vital role in it.

Dust soil never has a good drainage system. So it logged water most of the time. Waterlogged and soggy soil is the best environment for fungi and insects.

Another problem with dust soil is that it is not able to give the proper nutrients to plants. Due to a lack of nutrition in plants, body mechanisms can’t work properly which also occurs with leaves drooping like problems.

Control Measure

Use good quality soil when planting your morning glory. As they prefer well-draining soil make sure about the drainage system of your pot. By making some tiny holes on the backside of the top you can ensure a good drainage system.

Mixing some compost can increase your soil quality. Various types of compost are found in the market but making these at home is better. By following some processes you can make it by yourself.

#Recipe-3: An Organic Compost Making

  • A medium-sized container.
  • 1 litre of Water.
  • Fallen leaves.
  • Fruit peeling.
  • Kitchen dust.
  • Some newspapers or cardboard.
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee cup.
  • First, make some tiny holes in the container. They help to circulate oxygen.
  • Then a layer of good-quality soil is placed on it.
  • Add all the organic scraps on the soil.
  • Adding some newspaper or cardboard can balance the nitrogen-carbon ratio and will create a good environment for bacteria which makes the compost best..
  • Keep the mixture for one week in a shaded place and notice the moisture level.
  • After one week it will be ready to use.

6. Cool Temperature

Temperature also can be the cause for your morning glory leaves drooping. Cool temperatures can make your plants wilt and droopy.

Control Measure

Ensure moderate temperature for your morning glory plants. 50-65° F temperature is best. Don’t keep your plant in an AC room or any place where sunlight can’t reach it.

Humidity changing can also make your plant droopy. So ensure at least 60% humidity. You can also use a humidifier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much water should a morning glory get?

At least one inch depth watering is best for morning glory plants. Usually watering once a week is recommended. But if the temperature is too high then increase watering.

Is homemade insecticide enough?

Yes. Homemade insecticides are better than artificial items. But you have to follow the recipe and ingredient ratio very carefully.


Leaves drooping problems in your plants can occur for many reasons. You have to observe and understand what the reasons are and how to control them.

In this article, I am trying to give you all the guidelines to revive your morning glory plant. This article is equally effective for the other variants of morning glory like Blue morning glory, Cardinal Climber, Grandpa ott, Heavenly blue, Moonflower, etc.

Follow the guideline and protect your plants from harmful factors. Happy gardening.

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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