Philodendron White Knight VS White Wizard – Which One Is Better?

White Knight & White Wizard are two of the rarest Philodendrons out there. They also look pretty similar. So identifying them and choosing which one to buy is pretty confusing. This article will clear up all your confusion.

So, how to identify them, and which one to choose between philodendron white knight vs white wizard?

White Knight and White Wizard Look pretty similar but there is one thing that is not. The color of their stems is different from each other. White Knight has brownish-purple stems with edged white stripes whereas White Wizard has green stems. This feature makes them apart from each other.

Like the short preview? Now, let’s get into the detailed article.

Philodendron White Knight VS White Wizard – Quick Review

For many people, it gets pretty confusing to identify these two plants. Before we get into the main details, let’s roll over to their basic differences. 

FeaturesWhite KnightWhite Wizard
HeightIt grows to a height of around 8-10 feet.It grows to a height of around 9 feet.
Body ColorIt has a brownish-purple-colored stem edged with white pripes.It has a bright green stem and is sometimes edged with pink and white stripes
Size of LeavesIts leaves are a bit smaller.Its leaves are more bigger and rounded
Color of LeavesYou will find green leaves, white leaves, and green leaves with white stripes and patches. You may also find green-white-pink-colored leaves.A white wizard has green leaves and green leaves with white stripes and white patches. 
CostWhite knight’s price range is $150-$1000White wizard’s price range is $125-$600

You must have an idea already about these two plants. Now it’s time to get into the main details and a detailed comparison of them. Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

Philodendron White Wizard vs White Knight – In-Depth Comparison

Both Philodendron White knight and White Wizard are among the rarest plants to collect. Both of them have a higher price tag for their rareness and beauty. These are so beautiful and increase the beauty of your house.

Philodendron White Knight VS White Wizard

There are many people who love collecting rare philodendrons and White knight and White Wizard are the perfect choices for them. These are so rare that many indoor grower collectors treat these plants as jewels. A question might arise about which is a more expensive white knight or the white wizard. Well, we will answer that in the detail.

  • Body Structure

Both the White Knight and the White Wizard are almost the same in size when they grow properly. With proper light and care, the White Knight grows to a height of around 8-10 feet. And with the same condition, White Wizard grows around 9 feet.

The Philodendron White Knight gets identified by its beautiful brownish-purple-colored stem. Many people just love the color of its stems. Sometimes there are white stripes by the edges of the stem. You might also find some other color but you will never find green.

It’s easier to identify the Philodendron White Wizard for its green stem. Whenever you see a philodendron with a bright green stem, you know it’s none other than the White Wizard. Sometimes the stem is edged with pink stripes or white on the cataphyll.

So the main difference between these two is their stems. This feature makes them apart from each other.

  • Plant Leaves

The leaves of these two plants are one of the reasons why they look so classic. Both of these plants have different types of colors on their leaves and this makes them super attractive and elegant. People just admire these leaves.

The White Knight is pretty hard to identify by looking at the foliage only. In terms of variegation, White Knight has probably the most variety. Sometimes you will find big white dots in the green leaves, sometimes you will find some constellation-like spots as well. You will also find full green and full white leaves on this plant. You might also find Philodendron white knight tricolor leaves.

The White Wizard has the biggest and roundest leaves compared to the White Knight. Normally White Wizard leaves are green with some white patches. They don’t have much variety like White Knight. Many love these small and big white patches rather than the solid color. 

Though it’s hard to identify between these two by looking at their leaves, sometimes you can. White Wizard normally has bigger leaves than White Knight. Also, White Wizard’s leaves are more rounded. 

  • Growth & Care

Both White Knight and White Wizard are pretty easy to grow and take care of. They need a good amount of indirect light for better growth. Too much direct sunlight can cause problems for these plants. So put them in a place where they get a good amount of indirect sunlight.

White Knight loves to stay moist most of the time. You need to water this plant whenever the upper soil gets dry. You might water the plant twice or thrice a week. The philodendron white wizard caring is also easy. But they can also survive two or three weeks without water.

You can also feed them some liquid fertilizers once a month for better growth. And If you think watering plants is something you forget, then you can buy a self-watering planter for them. Here is a list of some best self-watering planters in the market-

You can buy any of these without any hesitation.

Both of them love to stay at room temperature. Much lower temperatures might cause problems for them. White Wizard can survive well in higher temperatures as well.

  • How To Identify

The main visual difference between White Knight and White Wizard is the color of their stem. White Knight has a brownish-purple stem but White Wizard has a solid green stem. Sometimes White Wizard has white stripes along the edge of its stem and that’s it.

stem color difference between Philodendron White Knight and White Wizard

Also, White Wizard’s leaves are bigger and rounder than the leaves of the White knight. So their stem and leaves will help you to identify between them pretty easily. For some people, White Knight looks classic.

  • Cost

And yes, the Philodendron White Wizard’s price is also pretty high. As mentioned earlier, both of these plants are pretty rare and that’s why they cost a lot. The Philodendron White Knight starts at $150 and can go up to $1000. And the White Wizard starts at around $125 and can go up to $600 as well. Price generally depends on their variety and maturity.

Final Verdict

Both of these plants are pretty rare, beautiful, and costly as well. But to choose one between them gets down to your personal choice. For a more classic look, you may go for White Knight as it has more variegation. You may also go for White Wizard for a subtle look.


What is the rarest Philodendron?

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti is probably the rarest Philodendron among all. It’s very hard to find one of these.

Is Philodendron White Wizard a climber?

Yes. Among all the varieties of Philodendron, White Wizard is a climber. It also has a strong root system.

Is Philodendron White Wizard rare?

Yes, Philodendron White Wizard is considered a rare plant. It can be difficult to find in nurseries or online shops and may command a higher price than more common Philodendron varieties.

Can a philodendron white Knight have pink?

No, Philodendron White Knight does not have pink foliage. Its leaves are typically a bright, glossy green with prominent white veins.

How do you identify a white knight philodendron?

You can identify them very easily by their brownish-purple stems. These stems are edged with white on the cataphyll.  


As we’ve come to the conclusion, we hope that you have gathered enough information about philodendron white knight vs white wizard. Both Philodendron White Knight and White Wizard are beautiful plants with unique foliage. Your choice between the two will depend on your personal preferences in terms of appearance and growth habits, as well as the space you have available to accommodate them.

That’s all for today. See you at the next one.


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