The Ultimate Showdown: Shrubhub vs Yardzen – Which One Reigns Supreme?

Thinking about starting the renovation of your garden? It is a very meticulous task. You will need proper planning and design. There are some online virtual designing aids you can use. Like Shrubhub or Yardzen, as they are the best.

But you might think, within shrubhub and yardzen there are many features and specialties. These can enhance and help you in your landscaping tasks. Giving you the perfect design for your project.

So, which one is better on the scale Shrubhub vs Yardzen?

Shrubhub and Yardzen are both online-based landscaping consultants. Shrubhub focuses on connecting homeowners with local landscapers who can provide ongoing maintenance services, while Yardzen specializes in designing custom outdoor spaces with the help of professional designers.

Shrubhub is not that expensive, on the other hand, Yardzen is a bit expensive. Again if you consider the design the Shrubhub is 2D but the yardzen is 3d. Again, when placing an order, Shrubhub is faster.

A more deep detailed discussion will provide you with the clarity you’re seeking. Helping you in finding the best option for your particular project.

Then let’s dive into know the detailed discussion.

Shrubhub vs Yardzen: Quick Comparison

Here’s a quick comparison of the online design services offered by Shrub Hub and Yardzen. This comparison chart is only a slight view. To choose the best service, you must know all of the information.

Features Shrub HubYardzen
Timeline for placing an orderIt takes 15 to 30 days.It takes three weeks.
Type of design 2D design3D design 
Platform convenienceNot so well-orderedWell-ordered
Pricing Cheap Expensive 

Shrubhub vs Yardzen: Detailed Comparison

Shrubhub VS Yardzen


Shrubhub is an internet site that bills itself as a one-stop shop for homeowners. It is a one-stop work for searching for landscape ideas with a small budget. Users establish an account and select a bundle to purchase. 

Yardzen is similar to interior E-Design firms, but it focuses on your yard and the home’s outside. It’s also an online platform where you need to open an account and then start your landscaping planning.

Let’s see about the features you’ll get in Shrubhub and Yardzen. We’ve also gone through shrubhub reviews to give you a better view. 

Timeline For Placing An Order

Each platform has a slightly distinct ordering method. Let’s look at how you can use these E-Design platforms to place an order.

You must first register an account on Shrub Hub’s website and select a package before placing an order. You’ll have to seek a designer after that.

When your designer has been approved, they will contact you. It will be for a one-on-one consultation. You’ll have to provide your designer with every detail.

You’ll have to wait for them to come up with a final design. It’s possible that the full procedure will take 15-30 days. However, you can shop for a variety of things and hire a contractor straight through this platform.

Yardzen, unlike Shrub Hub, works in nine steps. You must submit your vision, yard images, and videos after purchasing a Yardzen package. Then you may use Yardzen’s budget tool to refine your spending plan.

Your designers will set to work and create a draft at this point. You are also allowed to make modifications to the layout and suggest additions.

Finally, a 3D model of your prospective yard will be provided. The procedure could take up to three weeks for your design team to finish. 

Types Of Design

The most important factor here is design. As a result, the way they display your concept or design is crucial. 2D models are typically provided by Shrub Hub. However, for a few extra dollars, you can have a 3D model.

Yardzen, on the other side, delivers a 3D model of your design that includes every detail. The variety of shots and angles you’ll be able to capture also with the model will astound you. In terms of the design model, Yardzen is a good bet.

Platform Convenience

Because both organizations solely provide online services, the accessibility of their websites is crucial in this scenario. Although both of the websites loads quickly and easy to navigate, Yardzen’s is cleaner.

The Yardzen website’s categories and sections are well-organized, making it simple to discover what you’re looking for. However, Shrub Hub has compiled all of the material into a single page. It doesn’t appear to be well-organized.


Another important aspect of getting this service is the price. While both platforms offer services at a lesser cost than typical design firms, Shrub Hub is significantly less expensive.

Shrub Hub is known for its low prices, but a basic landscape design for $300 is still impressive. Packages in Yardzen, on the other hand, start at roughly $650.

Extra Features

ready made pergola kits

Yardzen includes a catalog of plants and also a list of all the objects featured in the design. Such as furniture, lights, a sun cover, a pergola, and all the materials, in the final blueprints.

In the case of pergolas, you can have readymade kits. There are various designs and brands of pergola kits on the market. Here are some of our recommendations.

These ready-made pergola kits are quality-made. Using these will not disappoint you at all.

The concept is that it creates a checklist for customers to go out and buy your yard. Yardzen also advertises that it will connect you with a landscaping professional who will carry out the idea. 

Sorrowfully, Shrub Hub doesn’t offer any extra features. These extra features make Yardzen unique compared to other Yardzen competitors.

A Final Verdict

After all the valuation through both platforms, it actually comes down to user preference. There are people who love the services and interactions done by Shrubhub. And there are others who love Yardzen for the same criteria as well.

Yardzen or Shrubhub, both are excellent online platforms for you to choose from and use. In less than 1000 dollars, you’ll have a yard design that is pretty. 

It’s also ideal for how you want to utilize it. In only a few months, you’ll progress from a patch of dirt to a finished yard. 

But in the end, personal preference is what matters. So in our judgment, we would say both are equal and good.

That’s all we have to discuss on this topic.


How do I know which platform is better for my landscaping needs?

It depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for ongoing maintenance services from a local landscaper, Shrubhub may be the better option. If you want to create a custom outdoor space with the help of professional designers, Yardzen may be a better fit.

Is there a difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer?

A landscape architect is a person who has a bachelor’s degree, but a landscape designer does not. Projects done by a landscape architect are more broader and public. On the other hand, landscape designs are more private and smaller.

What is the primary thing to consider when landscaping?

First thing is to plant trees or bushes. Begin indoors and work your way out. To prevent having to relocate trees and bushes later when they overrun their place, consider planning for their mature size. You can do seasonal changes. It will be achieved by planting deciduous shrubs in front of evergreens.

Can I use a mobile app for landscape design?

One of the greatest free landscape design applications available is iScape, but it’s exclusively for iOS. Planter is ideal for beginners who wish to learn about gardening. PRO Landscape Home comes with a wealth of capabilities and is compatible with a variety of platforms and operating systems.

Can I use both Shrubhub and Yardzen for my landscaping needs?

Yes, you can use both platforms for different aspects of your landscaping project. For example, you could use Yardzen to design your outdoor space and then hire a landscaper through Shrubhub to maintain it.

What if I’m not satisfied with the services provided by Shrubhub or Yardzen?

Both platforms have customer satisfaction guarantees and will work to resolve any issues or concerns. Shrubhub offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, while Yardzen offers revisions and a refund policy.


Now you know the answer to the debate about Shrubhub vs Yardzen. In short, both of these platforms are the best there are for your gardening planning.

The variety of planning options that these two give has different views. This is why it totally relies on your own acquired preference. But we can assure you will have a great experience.

Happy Gardening!

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James Rivenburg
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