When Does Indian Hawthorn Bloom? [Problems & Caring Tips] 

Indian hawthorns are an amazing choice for foundation planting in landscaped gardens. But sadly, they are usually left with very little attention and not really hyped that much and that’s why one can sometimes wonder when they actually bloom. 

But before that, let’s talk about why we should consider growing them–

  1. For starters, they are small evergreen shrubs that make a great addition to landscaping because of their mounded and rounded canopy nature and beautiful star-shaped flowers arranged in clusters. 
  2. Next up, the flowers aren’t only for beautification, they are also used in herbal medicine in the treatment of stomach aches, diarrhea, dysentery etc. 
  3. Moreover, berries are used in the culinary world in making jellies and jams as well. Last but not least they are very easy to care for too. 

They usually grow up to 4-6 feet tall and have a dense foliage having dark green and glossy leaves. Besides, the flowers vary in colors such as in shades of white or pink. Most importantly, they are very tough plants that can go through various environmental conditions. 

When Does Indian Hawthorn Bloom?

The Indian hawthorns bloom during the spring and later in the season produce small berries of red or black color. Most of the varieties bloom usually around the same time but the variety  “spring sonata” blooms a little later (almost two weeks later) than the rest of them. 

Amazingly, during spring when they are in their flowering season, they spread a sweet floral fragrance from the flowers. The berries are usually eaten by birds and other wildlife species.

Problems Of Indian Hawthorn During Their Bloom Time

1. Cold shock 

Mostly, they are very adaptive to various unfavorable growing conditions but still, they are very sensitive to frost. If they are exposed to cold winters, their leaves turn purplish to bluish-green. 

It also affects the flowering of the next season. So, before they have bloomed, you have to take good care of them during the winter to save them from frost damage.

2. Leaf Spot

Besides frost damage, they suffer from very damaging leaf spots during the spring when frequent rainfall occurs with high humidity. The disease looks like tiny red spots on both sides of the leaves. Eventually, the spots grow and cause bigger blotches and ultimately cause the leaves to drop. 

Short Care Guide For Blooming Hawthorns

  • Plant them in proper spacing so that they have ample air circulation and full sunlight penetrating the plant
  • Don’t use overhead sprinklers, rather use a drip watering system so that only the soil gets wet during watering and the leaves stay dry
  • During winter, protect it from cold winds by using a physical barrier
  • Water once a week in the morning so that any of the leaves getting wet has enough time to dry before nightfall
  • Make sure the soil is moist but well-drained, never leave it waterlogged
  • In case of leaf spots, spray a good insecticide on them during the early spring by following the label direction (our pick)
  • Plant ‘Blueberry Muffin’, ‘Eskimo’ for cold tolerance &
  • “Indian Princess” and “Olivia” for better disease resistance


Indian hawthorns are very hardy plants that literally need the least amount of care. But when their bloom time occurs they tend to be a little affected by the leaf spot due to the seasonal humidity and rain. 

Besides, before blooming they go through a crucial period during the winter as they are very susceptible to frost. Just pick the right variety and get them regular doses of fungicide and the flowers will continue to boost the beauty of your landscape. 

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

James Rivenburg is the founder of plantandpest.com, a passionate gardener with valuable experience and knowledge gained through trial and error. The website has a large community of followers who trust his tips and techniques and have succeeded with his advice. He is always Committed to helping others create a beautiful and healthy garden.

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