White Fungus On Desert Rose [4 Reasons With Control Measure]

White fungus is a common issue that affects many types of plants, including the desert rose. They are mainly white and powdery subtense and suddenly attack, damage and even kill desert rose plants. Basically environmental issues, overcrowding, poor sanitation, and overwatering are Factors responsible for white fungus infestation on desert rose plants.

Although white fungus attack is quite deadly, you can fix your affected plants by following some simple processes. In this article, I will tell you about four such proven ways. So why the delay?

Quick Caring Guide of White Fungus On Desert Rose

Environmental IssueAlways keep the plant under moderate to low humidity.
OvercrowdingFollow a good garden design idea.
Poor SanitationKeep your garden clean and prune the plant twice a week.
OverwateringOnce a week watering is recommended.

4 Proven Ways To Fix White Fungus on Desert Rose

1. Environmental Issue

Environmental issues are the main triggers of white fungus attacks on your desert rose plants. If you keep your plant in a place where the air humidity is high and the plant always feels wet, it will be easily attacked by the fungus.

Many people place their desert roses in the washroom. Which can be very dangerous for plants. Wet weather is ideal for the propagation of white fungus. As a result, plants will be easily affected in such weather and the infection will spread quickly.

Control Measure

If your plant is in very humid weather, it is most likely affected by white fungus due to environmental issues. First, you need to shift the plant somewhere else. It must be a place with below-moderate humidity.

Then stop watering the plant for a few days. Wipe the plant daily with a thin cloth. You can also use a homemade solution of equal parts water and baking soda, mixed with a few drops of dish soap. Simply spray the mixture onto the affected areas and repeat every 10 to 14 days until the fungus is gone.

Also, you have to keep the plant exposed to direct sunlight for at least three hours every day. Maybe you can’t arrange a place with low humidity. In that case, you can use a humidifier. This will control the humidity in your room.

2. Overcrowding

Notice very carefully. Is the desert rose plant in your garden or balcony too overcrowded? Are there many trees together? If this is the case, your desert rose plant may be suffering from fungal attack due to more plants in less space.

When you put many plants in the same place, naturally there is no proper air circulation, not all plants get proper sunlight and humidity increases. As a result, apart from fungi, trees are easily attacked by various insects and bacteria.

Control Measure

You can solve the issue of overcrowding in two ways. One is temporary and the other is permanent. If your plant suffers from a severe infestation, remove it immediately. Spray the plant thoroughly twice a day with water mixed with potassium permanganate. If the infection persists, a good-quality fungicide should be used.

The permanent solution is to adopt a proper plan for your garden. If there are many plants in a small area, each plant is susceptible to such attacks. You can keep the plants at a certain distance with a proper plan.  

You can shift the small plants to pots and keep them in your room or balcony. Also, You can keep the plants that like more humidity in the washroom or kitchen.  Also, watch the video below to know how to decorate a garden in a beautiful way

3. Poor Sanitation

Poor sanitation is one of the causes of white fungus infestation in desert roses. Most gardeners enjoy gardening but don’t devote enough time to gardening. Does not take care of plants. As a result, within a few days, weeds and other issues hinder the normal growth of the plant.

If your desert rose plant is not cared for regularly and is left in dust or weeds for a long time, it creates a safe environment for white fungus. At this time they can easily attack the plant and damage it through rapid propagation.

Control Measure

You can keep your desert rose plant clean with just a little daily care. Desert Roses are usually kept fresh by watering once a week.  But you can increase the water level during drying. At least seven to eight hours of bright indirect sunlight a day should be ensured for your plants.

The most important thing is pruning. You can prune the plant once every two years or once a year to keep it free of excess foliage. Full pruning in January or February and light pruning in September are very effective. However, the equipment must be disinfected during pruning.

4. Overwatering

Many beginners treat white fungus infestation as a minor issue and start overwatering plants. Which can be more dangerous for plants. Excess water causes waterlogging at the base of the plant. As a result, the roots of the plant are destroyed due to root rot. During this time the plant cannot absorb the necessary elements from the soil.

On the other hand, the fungus attacks the plant through long-standing water. The plant becomes weak due to lack of nutrients, on the other hand, the attack of fungus causes the almost deadly condition.

Control Measure

If overwatering is the cause of your desert rose’s fungal attack, immediate waterlogging should be done. After that, the plant should be lifted from the ground and measured to see how much the root has been damaged. If the damage is minor then it should be transferred to another container.

Care should be taken that the new pot is bigger than the previous one. Four to five holes should be created around the pot for drainage. It is important to test the soil before each application of water. With the help of a moisture meter, you can easily determine the wetness of the soil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Fungicide For Desert Roses?

Many fungicides are effective against white fungus. But basically, sulfur-based fungicides start working very quickly. Since the sooner action is taken the faster the plant recovers, it is best to use a sulfur-based fungicide. Also, organic neem oil works well.

Should I Spray Fungicide In The Morning Or Evening?

Fungi are usually more active in the morning.  So spraying a fungicide at a time gives very quick results.

How Often Should I Water Desert Rose?

Watering once a week is enough for desert roses. However, the amount of watering should be increased in dry weather. The soil should be tested with a moisture meter before each watering.


White fungus is a common problem for desert rose plants, but with proper care and treatment, it can be effectively controlled. Remember to avoid overcrowding, provide good air circulation, and regularly clean up fallen leaves and debris to help prevent the spread of the fungus.

Also, the biggest thing is to have patience. Because solving any problem requires some time. Hopefully, my four methods will help you quickly fix your white fungus-infested desert rose plant. Happy Gardening.


James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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