7 Amazing Landscaping Ideas With Indian Hawthorns

Indian Hawthorn is a very popular and versatile shrub that is widely used in landscape gardening not only because of its attractive flowers and foliage but also for its ability to adapt to hostile conditions. 

With planned landscaping ideas with Indian hawthorns, you can turn these low-maintenance shrubs into a game changer and embellish your house with nature.

In this article, I am going to discuss the wonderful landscape ideas with hawthorns that are definitely going to come in handy when you choose to plant them on your property. 

So, without making any delay, let’s get going–

How To Decorate The Landscape Using Indian Hawthorns?

1. As a Hedge Plant

Indian Hawthorns have dense and compact growth so which makes them an amazing choice for a hedge plant. Moreover, they can be pruned very easily to give a nice shape. 

So, you can use the Indian Hawthorns as a low or medium-sized hedge around your house or property and even as a lining of a picket fence. 

Besides, you can use this plant to design your garden furniture and garden rooms. Since the Indian hawthorns have a slow-growing habit, you won’t have much trouble maintaining it. You can just prune them and keep them at the desired size and height. 

2. As a Foundation plant

The foundation plants are those that are planted around the house very close to the outer walls, besides the doors and even under the windows. 

To add a greenish touch around your house or any other structures, Indian hawthorns are wonderful. It is a woody perennial and has a spreading type structure that covers the ground

Because of this, it prevents the foundation from much damage and protects the foundation from fungus by soaking up the moisture from the environment. 

3. As a Container plant

If you’re looking to decorate your balconies or patios, decks and porches then Indian hawthorns will make an amazing choice as a container plant, especially when it’s about making a small place look outstanding. 

You can either use it as a standalone piece or you can also combine it with your other potted plants. However, if you are placing the container on a balcony make sure they receive enough sunlight. 

4. As an Accent plant

Well, accent plants are placed to draw attention to a particular section of the house like stairs, entryways, birdbath, etc. It’s also placed at the center of other plants to make a contrasting effect with them that mainly focuses and highlights the accent plant. 

And, our Indian hawthorns have the capacity to be an accent plant because of their beautiful white or pink flowers. So, you can plant it alone or in groups as an eye-catching addition to your landscape.

5. As an Edge Plant

This is another interesting way of landscaping design ideas with the hawthorn. Since it has a slow-growing habit and also compact size, it makes an ideal choice for planting along walkways, and driveways.

Also, you can plant the Indian hawthorns around a corner of your gardens, or garden beds to add contrast. Besides, you can plant the tall growing varieties around your property and prevent pruning so that you can use them as a privacy screen 

In addition, you can try using a dwarf-growing Indian hawthorn to plant under windows to accessorize as well. 

6. For Mass Planting

If there’s an area where you need to control the erosion then these Indian hawthorns can be absolutely amazing. This is because Indian hawthorns are very compact in nature so they help to protect the soil from erosion.

In this case, you can plant a lot of them in a group with your other plants in a sloppy land that will not only provide protection but also enhance the beauty of that place.

7. For Mixed planting

Lastly, you can mix your Indian Hawthorn with other plants with various colors, textures, and even shapes to create a visually interesting landscape. You can mix it with grasses, succulents, shrubs, etc.

Try mixing it with other bright and attractive flowering plants like strawberry bush, red crepe myrtle, trumpet honeysuckle, french lavender, aucuba, juniper, Yaupon holly, etc to make an outstanding visual interest. Besides, these plants also have a similar climatic requirement like light, moisture, and soil as the Indian hawthorns.

Besides, you can combine it with other plants that flower at different times like bluebeard, hydrangea, daphne etc. In this way, you will have a colorful garden all year round. 


Indian hawthorns are pretty hardy and they can thrive in various climatic conditions. So, landscaping with them can be a great addition to any of your outdoor areas. 

However, when planning the landscape with the Indian hawthorns don’t forget to place them in a sunny location and provide enough water and regular fertilizer to encourage the plant’s health.

In this article, I have discussed all different types of landscaping ideas with the Indian hawthorns so that you can use it to decorate your outdoor space and make it very alluring

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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