Skip Laurel Growth Rate [Things That Gardener Should Know]

Skip laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) trees are mainly famous for their fragrant blossoms and drought-tolerant characteristics. Because their leaves are relatively small compared to other laurel trees, the skip laurel tree fits well in any garden. They are quite large in size. Typically grows 20-24 inches per year with adequate care. However, many beginners do not know how to take proper care of skip laurels.  As a result, their trees grow very slowly.

In this article, I will mainly discuss the Skip Laurel Growth Rate in detail. Also, I will discuss some issues that can reduce their growth rate and how to fasten their growth rate with proper care. So without delay let’s get started.

How Fast Do Skip Laurels Grow?

Skip laurel is basically an evergreen shrub. As their leaves are quite small and drooping, they can create a great living screen in your garden.  The best news is that skip laurel can survive quite well in urban conditions.

Skip laurel trees typically prefer hardiness zones 6-9 to grow correctly. They grow from 12-18 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide. Their growth rate is 20-24 inches per year. 

However, the growth rate of the skip laurel tree depends on several factors such as soil quality, temperature, moisture levels, sunlight, and pruning habits. Let us now see how the factors affect the growth of skip laurel and how to get rid of them.

1. Soil Quality

Soil plays a significant role in the normal growth of skip laurel. If your garden soil does not have adequate drainage capacity, waterlogging of the plant root zone will occur very easily. From there, the fungal attack will cause root rot and reduced plant growth. Also, if your garden soil needs more nutrients, the skip laurel plant will not grow properly in that soil.

2. Water

Like soil, water can also affect the growth rate of skip laurel plants. You know every plant needs enough water to grow. Without getting the necessary water, plant cells cannot function properly, resulting in the disruption of chlorophyll production. Due to this, the process of photosynthesis stops, and various problems occur in the plant.

Again, as a result of applying excess water, plants cannot collect oxygen and other nutrients from the soil. As a result, the growth of the tree gradually decreases.

3. Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the most important things for skip laurel plants. Because the process of photosynthesis of plants depends entirely on the right amount of sunlight. If the skip laurel plant is not exposed to enough sunlight, its internal biological functions will cease. As a result, the plant cells will no longer work. Growth will slow down, leaves will wither and the plant may even die.

4. Moisture

Excess moisture damages skip laurel plants in many ways. When excess water accumulates inside the plant, they try to expel it through the leaves. As a result, the plant remains wet most of the time and fungal and bacterial infections increase. As a result, plant growth is reduced.

5. Pruning Habits

Usually, the skip laurel tree is quite a shrub. As a result, if the tree is not pruned regularly, the overall growth of the tree is disrupted by providing nutrients to unnecessary branches.

How Do You Make Skip Laurels Grow Faster?

We found a few issues that can hinder the normal growth of your skip laurel plant. Now let’s find out how to speed up the growth of skip laurel plants.

1. Use Best Quality Soil

Good quality garden soil is the first thing that skip laurel plants need to promote growth.  Skip laurel plants generally prefer slightly acidic soil. So soil pH must be in the range of 6.5-7.  

Soil should have drainage capacity. The soil can easily remove excess water. That is why a lot of organic material should be mixed during garden soil preparation. Apart from this, water can be drained by digging holes around the plants separately.

2. Ensure Adequate Sunlight

Skip laurel plants need both sunlight and shade for rapid growth. They prefer full sun with partial shade. So seven to eight hours of direct sun exposure daily is a must. The morning sun is one of the most important factors in the rapid growth of skip laurel plants. So before planting, choose a location where your tree will get full morning sun.

But for the rest of the day, sheds have to be arranged. There is no reason to worry about shade if the tree is planted in the planned location. But if the plant always gets sunlight then a shade cloth should be used separately.  Protect the plant, especially from the afternoon sun.

3. Apply Water When Needed

Water should be applied to skip laurel plants according to the needs of the plant.  Both underwatering and overwatering are harmful to plants. The water needs of skip laurel plants are divided into two phases. Young plants should be watered daily during the first year of planting.  But in this case, it is important to check the soil moisture. You can easily do this with a moisture meter.

As the tree matures, water requirements also decrease. In this case, water the skip laurel plant once or twice a week to reduce the amount of water. Care should be taken so that water does not accumulate in the root zone of the tree. Besides, you can apply mulch around the plants to increase the water-holding capacity of the soil.

4. Prune At The Right Time

Pruning your Skip laurel at the right time is an essential task to maintain its shape correctly and promote healthy growth. Generally, late winter or early spring is the ideal time for pruning skip laurel trees before new growth appears. Pruning at this time will encourage new growth to emerge in the spring.

You must use sharp instruments for pruning so as not to damage other branches.  Also, pruning tools must be disinfected before and after use.

To maintain a natural shape, remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches and trim back any branches that are growing too long or out of shape. To create a formal hedge, prune the top and sides of the plant to a uniform height and width.

5. Don’t apply excess fertilizer

Fertilizers play a very small role in the rapid growth of skip laurel plants. They grow well on regular nutrients. Therefore, unless it is very necessary, additional fertilizers cannot be applied. 

But once in a year or two, you can use a balanced fertilizer like NPK (10-10-10).  It is better to apply it in early spring or late summer.  But the most effective is to use good quality organic compost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do skip laurels need a lot of suns?

Skip laurel plants prefer full sun with partial shade. So must have at least seven to eight hours of direct sunlight every day.  Rest of the time they have to be shade providers.

Are skip laurels low maintenance?

Almost all types of laurel trees are low maintenance. Skip laurel trees require some care for a few years after planting.  Later, once the tree is established, there is no need to take care of the tree separately.  A skip laurel plant will thrive if only basic care is maintained.

Do laurels have big roots?

The simple answer is, no. The root of a skip laurel plant does not grow very large. Although the tree is quite large in size, they are mainly shrubs. As a result, their root system is not as strong as other large trees.

Final Words

Skip laurel is basically a low-maintenance plant. You don’t need to take much care of it separately. However, regular watering, sunlight provision, good quality soil, and pruning should be given importance to make the skip laurel tree grow fast.

Also, the factors that hinder the normal growth of the skip laurel tree should be avoided as much as possible. If any disease occurs in the tree, it should be treated quickly. Hopefully, if you follow the tips I’ve outlined, your skip laurel tree will grow very quickly.

Happy Gardening.

James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg
James Rivenburg

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