Sunsugar vs Sungold Tomato: A Sweet Tomato Showdown

Sunsugar and Sungold tomatoes are almost the same types of cherry tomatoes. Both of them are amazingly sweet and they are also easy to grow. So choosing between them might lead you to a dilemma.

So, which one to choose between Sunsugar VS Sungold tomato?

Sunsugar and Sungold tomatoes are probably the sweetest cherry tomatoes out there. They are almost the same in taste, size, and growing methods. But Sunsugar tomatoes are less prone to crack. For that reason, many people choose Sunsugar instead of Sungold to grow. Sunsugar is a bit profitable as well.

Now, Let’s dive into the detailed information.

Sungold Tomato vs Sunsugar – Quick Comparison Review

Sunsugar and Sungold are two of the most famous cherry tomatoes out there. Both of them are super sweet. They are hybrid, cherry-sized tomatoes. There has always been a debate between them but most of the time it’s a tie.

They taste almost identical but there are some differences between them. To have a clear idea between them we have created this comparison table for you

TasteSungold tastes super sweet and sometimes better than sunsugar.Sunsugar tastes like candy.
NutritionContains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Potassium, antioxidants, and many more.Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and many more
HarvestingWhile harvesting you have to be careful.They are easy to harvest.
Crack-ResistanceThey get cracked pretty easily. They are crack-resistant.
Profit MarginThese are less profitable than Sunsugar because they’re more prone to crack.  These are great for farmers and more profitable.

Sunsugar VS Sungold – In-Depth Comparison

Hope you’ve already got the overview of both of these tomatoes. Though they are very similar in almost every category, we’ve done a detailed comparison for you. Let’s dive into it.

Sunsugar VS Sungold Tomato

  • Taste & Nutrition

Both the Sunsugar and Sungold taste super sweet and are favorites to almost everyone. Both of these have identical tastes. In many blind tests, people could not tell which one was better than the other.

For many people, Sunsugar tastes like candies. It is so tasty that if you grow them, you’ll eat them straight off the vine. Sungold tomatoes have almost the same taste. Many people find Sungold the sweetest one.

Both Sunsugar and Sungold are filled with nutrients and can provide you with a lot of immune support. Sunsugar contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and many more.

Sungold contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E antioxidants, and many Minerals. So both of them are great for your health.

Most of the time people love using Sunsugar in their recipes. Also, people love to eat them anyway like candies. On the other hand, Sungold is preferred with salads. But you can eat them the way you want, obviously.  

  • Appearance

One of the main differences between Sunsugar and Sungold tomatoes is their appearance. Sunsugar tomatoes are slightly larger and have a bright orange color when ripe, with a slightly elongated shape.

Sungold tomatoes are slightly smaller and have a bright yellow-orange color when ripe, with a round shape.

  • Planting

We know that tomato plants are cultivated in warm weather and that’s why a little frost can damage the crop. So make sure you plant Sunsugar after the last frost. Here are some tips on how to grow Sunsugar tomatoes.

Plant Sunsugar tomato seeds around 20 cm apart from each other. Try planting these deeper in the soil than normal to make the roots much stronger. This method will make your plant much stronger.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to maintain the moisture of the soil for your Sunsugar plants. Regularly water the soil for better and healthy fruits.

As you have planted them, now it’s time to maintain the plants. When your Sunsugar plants become around 3 feet, cut down some unwanted leaves.

You will find some old leaves near the soil and then cut them down. This will help your plants to get rid of the fungus.

Sungold plants almost have the same procedure of planting as Sunsugar. While planting Sungold make sure that there are around 48 inches of space between two rows. Also, make sure that your plants get around 6 hours of sunlight.

For planting Sungold tomatoes, the other methods are almost the same as Sunsugar tomatoes. Make sure to water the plants and after a while cut down the unwanted leaves to keep them healthy.

You can also use water-soluble tomato fertilizer for a better outcome. This is for both of the varieties. Here is a list of selected fertilizers- 

These are the best ones on the market right now. You can easily use one of these.

  • Harvesting

Sunsugar tomatoes take around 65 days to mature. Sunsugar is normally ready to harvest when they turn kinda yellow. You can also wait until they get that deep-orangy color. In this color, they will taste the sweetest. Well, you can also harvest them a bit earlier when they get that green-pink color.

Sungold tomato Harvesting

Sungold tomatoes take around 57 days to mature. These tomatoes can be harvested when they start to get the color. Obviously, you can wait for that golden color to come for the taste. 

While harvesting is careful so that your tomatoes don’t crack. Sunsugar tomatoes are less prone to crack because of their thin skin. On the other hand, Sungold tomatoes get cracked very easily. And for that reason, many farmers grow Sunsugar instead of Sungold.

  • Storage

After picking up Sunsugar tomatoes, store them away from direct sunlight at room temperature. Don’t store them in a refrigerator as it will ruin the taste of the tomatoes. Make sure that the temperature is between 56℉-80℉.

For Sungold tomatoes, the storage system is also the same. Keep them at room temperature and maintain the mentioned temperature for better health and taste of the tomatoes.

  • Which One To Grow

Till now we can say that most of the characteristics of Sunsugar and Sungold are almost the same. But from a farmer’s perspective, I will suggest you grow Sunsugar tomatoes instead of Sungold because Sunsugar is less prone to crack.

For the cracking issue of Sungold, many farmers prefer its sister variety Golden Cherry tomatoes. They are almost the same but Golden Cherry tomatoes are crack-resistant.

Final Verdict

To give a final verdict between these two types of tomatoes is tough. From all the details we can say that both of them taste amazing and super sweet. Though both of them are almost the same, Sunsugar gets the edge and wins by a little margin.

Sunsugar gets the edge because they are less prone to crack as mentioned. Also, they are loved by farmers as they are more profitable.


Q: Which tomato variety is better for snacking or salads?

Ans: Both Sunsugar and Sungold tomatoes are delicious for snacking and salads, but their differences in flavor and texture may make one more appealing than the other depending on personal preference. Sunsugar tomatoes have a more complex flavor and firmer texture, while Sungold tomatoes have a sweeter flavor and softer texture.

Q: Do Sunsugar and Sungold tomatoes have similar growing requirements?

Ans: Yes, both varieties prefer full sun and well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. They also benefit from regular watering and fertilization throughout the growing season.

Q: Which tomato variety produces a higher yield?

Ans: Sunsugar tomatoes tend to produce slightly larger clusters of fruit, with each cluster containing up to 20 tomatoes. Sungold tomatoes produce smaller clusters of fruit, with each cluster containing 6 to 12 tomatoes.

Q: Is Sunsugar tomato a hybrid?

Ans: Yes, Sunsugar is a hybrid tomato. It is one of the sweetest hybrids, cherry-tomato out there.

Q: What is the best-tasting cherry tomato?

Ans: Golden Sweet is probably the best-tasting tomato out there. But it is controversial as well. For many, Sunsugar is the best-tasting one.

Q: What’s the easiest tomato to grow?

Ans: Cherry tomatoes are the easiest ones to grow. That means growing Sunsugar and Sungold are pretty easy.


When it comes to choosing between Sunsugar and Sungold tomatoes, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both varieties are delicious and easy to grow, but they have some differences in appearance, flavor, texture, yield, and growing conditions. Consider your growing conditions, desired taste, and intended use (such as for salads, snacking, or cooking) to determine which variety is best for you.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye. Till then, have a nice day.

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